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In 2013, Citizens Advice Hammersmith & Fulham leveraged in excess of £500k in addition to its core funding from the Council increasing the range of services available to Hammersmith & Fulham residents.

Citizens Advice Hammersmith & Fulham receives its core funding from the Council’s 3rd Sector Investment Fund to deliver advice services in H&F under the service area of Economic Wellbeing & Opportunity.

We have been successful in securing continued funding from the Council for 3 of our main contracts:

  1. Advice+ that delivers our generalist advice service.
  2. ROOF+ that helps prevent people from becoming homeless.
  3. More than a Library delivers our award winning volunteer-led library.

Citizens Advice Hammersmith & Fulham is grateful to the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, that has continued to fund Citizens Advice services since its inception in 1939. Not only does this guarantee the provision of key services to the local community, it provides us with a foundation and infrastructure from which we can leverage additional funds into the Borough and increase the range of services available to local residents

CAHF is also funded by a variety of other funders to provide a range of complimentary projects please see our projects page for more details of these services.

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