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Universal Credit Factsheets


The documents below will help to guide you on:

  • What to ask someone before confirming if Universal Credit is the right benefit to claim

UC or not questions

  • The Universal Credit claims process

UC Stage 1 How to Claim

UC Stage 2 After Claim

UC Stage 3 After Meeting your Work Coach

  • Some specific situations claimants may face

UC Advance Payment

UC and the benefit cap

  • Local places to get further support around Universal Credit

UC Useful Contacts

  • Some jargon busting around Universal Credit terminology

UC Jargon Busting

You can find further information about Universal Credit on the Citizens Advice website, on the government website and you can use the benefits calculator on the Turn2Us website to check your Universal Credit (and other benefit) entitlement.

In June 2016 Hammersmith and Fulham was one of the first areas of the country to move to Universal Credit.

In 2018 London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham held a Universal Credit summit to bring together a variety of organisations including the Department for Work and Pensions, various council departments, a number of Housing Associations and various voluntary sector organisations including H&F Foodbank, H&F Law Centre and Citizens Advice H&F.

Out of this summit, a Working Party was set up to meet monthly and try and take some local action to improve the experience of those engaging with Universal Credit locally.

One area of work was to try and give clear guidance and support to those not trained in Universal Credit but who are trying to help people navigate the system, ensure they are claiming the right benefit, take the correct next step and guide them to effective local support. This is how we developed the resources above.