I have no money what can I do?

A hardship payment is a reduced amount of Jobseeker’s Allowance which you may be able to get if you have been refused Jobseeker’s Allowance, or your benefit has been stopped, because of doubts about whether you are available for and actively seeking work. You may also be able to get them if:

  • You are waiting for the Jobcentre Plus office to decide whether you meet the job seeking conditions.
  • You have been sanctioned.
  • Your JSA has been stopped for a fixed period following a benefit fraud offence.

If you want more information about hardship payments, and how to apply for them, you should ask in the Jobcentre Plus office for form JSA 10, ‘Jobseeker’s allowance hardship application’.

We might also be able to help you with a referral to a Foodbank while your benefits are sorted out.