Thank you!

We love it when clients tell us what a difference we’ve made. Here is what one client wrote on a card we got recently:

“Thank you so much for the lovely and helpful advice you gave me, for the time you spent for me. You changed my life this Christmas, you gave me back my smile. Thank you and have a great Xmas.”

But we also thank you. You’re the reason we are here. This year we have managed to deliver services to over 10,000 clients with over 26,000 issues. We have delivered 15 separate projects under multiple funding streams and have generated over £2m in financial gains for our clients and addressed nearly £3m of debt. We recruited and trained 171 volunteers, supported by an expert team of supervisors, managers and project workers, in 9 different roles. Our volunteers delivered services worth £680,000 if they were paid. This is the value delivered to the local community in monetary terms, but the value added in health and emotional well-being is immeasurable, as the above ‘thank you’ demonstrates.

We wish all the best for a happy and peaceful Christmas and an exciting and prosperous New Year to everyone who makes this possible, but especially we thank you.

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