Our Projects & Funders

Citizens Advice Hammersmith & Fulham is extremely grateful for funding it receives from all partners to deliver advice services to Hammersmith & Fulham residents.

We receive our core funding from the Council’s 3rd Sector Investment Fund under the service area of Economic Wellbeing & Opportunity. We have been funded by Hammersmith & Fulham Council since our inception in 1939, enabling us to meet the advice needs of H & F residents for nearly 80 years.  We are funded under a 10 year grant agreement, which assures the provision of key advice services to the local community and provides us with a stable foundation upon which we can leverage additional funds and increase the range of services available to local residents.

In addition to our core funding, Citizens Advice Hammersmith & Fulham (CAHF) is funded to run a number of specific projects on behalf of the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (LBHF) and other agencies including Charitable Trusts and Foundations. Our projects and their funders are listed below.


Affordability works in partnership with Hammersmith & Fulham council to help tenants repay their housing debt in an affordable way. Read more

City Bridge Outreach

City Bridge is one of the biggest funders in London and have funded us for three years for an outreach advice project.  We work closely with our partner organisations to support those ‘hard-to-reach’ clients who need us most but have not always accessed our service. Read more

Debt Free Advice

Debt Free Advice provides debt advice (one off and casework) at CAHF. Debt Free Advice is funded by the Money Advice & Pension Service in partnership with Toynbee Hall, with the aim of assisting clients with debts to find a realistic and reasonable solution in order to become debt free. Read more

Digital Skills

CAHF’s digital skills programme delivers training to overcome digital disadvantage by helping people learn basic digital skills such as how to use the internet to look up information, setting up an email address, using online shopping and other digital services safely, etc. Contact for more information. Our Digital Skills activities are funded by LBHF. Read more


The Hammersmith & Fulham foodbanks provide short-term, emergency food to individuals and families in crisis.  The purpose of our foodbank advice project is to try to resolve the problems that caused foodbank dependency. We provide welfare advice and assistance on a variety of issues such as benefits, housing and homelessness and debt. Clients self-refer themselves to us though the Foodbank network. Read more

Energy Advice Programme

The Energy Advice Programme is a seasonal project funded by National Citizens Advice. It provides advice appointments to consumers who are struggling to pay their fuel bills, require better deals on energy, need guidance on the most appropriate payment methods or information on how to access help from energy suppliers and the Government.​ Read more

Library Services

CAHF is at the forefront of innovation as the only Citizens Advice in the country delivering Library Services using its volunteers – this is a service delivered by the community for the community. Read more

Help Through Hardship

The national Citizens Advice Service is funded by The Trussell Trust to provide a freephone helpline ​for people who cannot afford food to help them get an e-voucher for a local food parcel. Our advisers working on the helpline assist clients to access food bank vouchers and provide information and advice on the issue they are facing.​​ If casework is required, we signpost them to their local Citizens Advice office. Read more

Midaye Somali Development Network

Midaye provides targeted, multi-lingual services and projects to minority ethnic communities in London to respond to abuses, improve the quality of education, the economic status, and the health and well-being of people within these communities.​ Our adviser works closely with Midaye to assist their service users with welfare issues relating to benefits, housing and debt. Read more

Money Skills

Citizens Advice Hammersmith and Fulham has been delivering money skills activities to groups across West London for over 15 years. Our goal is to help residents to gain the skills and confidence to manage their money independently and make informed choices about financial products, before they face problems. ​Our Money Skills training programme is part of our 10 year LBHF contract. Read more