Young Lives vs Cancer

Young Lives vs Cancer is the national children’s cancer charity.  It supports children and young people aged 0-25 diagnosed with cancer, and their families. We have a contract with YLVC to advise their social workers and service users on the full range of topics covered by Citizens Advice according to their advice needs, excepting immigration.  This is mostly concentrated on benefits advice, as cancer in the family almost immediately places families under financial stress when time has to be taken off work to care for a child or young person during treatment.   Many families have to claim benefits for the first time and have no knowledge or prior experience of the benefits system, unlike most Citizens Advice clients. Issues can also arise with employment as a result of the need to take time off work, and with debt as a result of reduced income.  The YVLC advice line aims to assist families with any of their advice needs in respect of any ‘social welfare law’ issue.